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Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Our vast network of imaging centers are made up of:

  • High Field (1.5T-3T)
  • High Field Open
  • Open
  • Wide Bore
  • Stand-Up
  • Sit-In
  • Extremities

Computed Tomography

Our premier network imaging centers can facilitate:

  • CT
  • CTA
  • Myelograms


Many of our premier network partners take X-Ray referrals on a walk-in basis. This allows for claimants to be seen immediately with little hassle.


Most commonly associated with pregnancies, Ultrasounds are a valuable tool in diagnosing injuries to organs, veins, muscles, and tendons. Our network providers are also adept in providing Doppler ultrasounds.

Arthrograms & Myelograms

While these tests are not commonly ordered, they often times can provide a more telling picture of an injury to a joint or the back. We are fortunate that many of our network partners can facilitate these advanced and finite tests for our clients.

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