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Right ReadRight RadiologistRight Results

The Referral Process

It's simple:

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Email: assignment@sl-image.com

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The 3 R's

Right Read

Right Radiologist

Right Results




High Field MRI

Open MRI






Premier Network

Our network is growing everyday and can accomodate the uniquest of situations and speciaties.





The Streamline Imaging Difference

Streamline Imaging specializes in the comprehensive management of radiology for the work comp industry. With our focus on radiology, our efforts are not divided. This focus has made us the vendor of choice among our clients. We have made it our mission to be superior in radiology management, rather than average in multiple services.


Streamline Imaging recognizes the complexities of worker's compensation cases. As such, we manage a network of radiology partners that understand the nuances of age-related injuries. We tailor our services to alleviate the stress these cases take on the adjusters.


Timing is everything!

  • Referrals are managed within 24 hours of receipt
  • Appointment are set for 24-72 hours from receiving the referrals
  • Same/Next day appointments for STAT with Wet Reads
  • Radiology reports are provided to the adjuster and/or nurse case manager within 48 hours of the appt.
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